Our Story

So why A Bit In A Bucket?

After years of seeing clients horses come and go from our Equine Centre, our very close friend and industry professional made comment that "If you could even put a bit of what you do in a bucket every horse could have access to the benefit of what you offer here."

And so it became our mission to create an all natural plant-based nutritional supplement that supports the health of your whole horse or pony for Life. At A Bit In A Bucket our passion is Plant Medicine and Food for Wellness. We are dedicated to assisting people to gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of balanced nutrition for all Horses and Ponies and the intricate role that nature and plant-based nutrition has to play in achieving this goal.

Our background is almost two decades in business within the retail health food industry where we incorporated extensive nutrition and a plant-based medicinal section dedicated specifically to horses.

Throughout this time we have worked with thousands of horses and their people providing knowledge and support over a multitude of general feeding and nutrition and chronic and acute health concerns.

To see the horse as a whole and to have understanding of the delicate balance of body mind and spirit essential for ultimate wellness has been a driving force that has led us to the creation of our equine superfood A Bit In A Bucket.