A naturally rich source of nutrients supports a balanced, healthy horse in both mind and body.

Here at A Bit In A Bucket, we have achieved a 100% Plant-based multi-nutrient health formula for horses and ponies.

At A Bit In A Bucket we believe that Success begins on the Inside

Naturally contains a broad spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, micro and macronutrients and amino acids bringing together all the best Nature has on offer.

Established over 15 years, this trusted formula provides a truly unique blend of nutrient-rich superfoods with the convenience of one daily dose.

Simply add one scoop to your horse or pony's feed for Balanced Nutrition for Life.

A Bit In A Bucket may support:

  • Balanced daily nutrition 
  • Improved hoof condition and strength and support healthy connective tissue 
  • Improved coat lustre, maximise softness, shine and rich depth of colour
  • Encourage the growth of stronger thicker manes and tails
  • Peak Athletic Performance is providing essential nutrients for optimum performance, recovery and endurance.
  • Essential digestive support for picky eaters, digestive upsets, poor nutrient and/or feed conversion
  • Overweight or underweight horses or ponies 
  • Aid of toxin removal, reduce acidity, support healthy pH balance essential for healthy joints, muscles and digestive system.

Suitable daily nutrition for horses and ponies of all ages, breeds and disciplines